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When you are considering applying or dealing with pesticides, it’s important to think about the toxicity that is associated with each pesticide. For each pesticide, there is a signal word that describes how harmful each one of these pesticides is. In order of increasing risk is caution, warning, danger, and danger poison. When we think about toxicity, the term LD50 is often used. LD50 stands for “lethal dose.” The 50 represents the amount of a substance it takes to kill half of the test population of rats. This LD50 number can also be applied to other substances that we have around our house. This might include caffeine, or even table salt. The LD50 number is important for us because it helps explain the toxicity of each product.

The lower the toxicity, the higher the LD50 number. The higher the toxicity, the lower the LD50 number is. An LD50 with a very low number is actually really toxic, and therefore would be associated with a signal word such as danger poison. A higher LD50 number would actually be associated with a signal word such as caution or warning, meaning it is less toxic. When purchasing pesticides for use around the house, look for the signal word. This will inform you about the potential risk of each pesticide you are buying. From the University of Wyoming Extension, I’m Brian Sebade, and you’re watching From the Ground Up. .

“LD50” is the term for the amount of a substance it takes to kill half a Typically researchers use rat groups to determine how toxic a substance Pesticides are known to be toxic, but everything on earth has a lethal Learn more about LD50 in this week’s From the Ground the Ground Up is your source for Wyoming relevant gardening and horticulture tips, brought to you weekly by the University of Wyoming of Wyoming Extension of Wyoming Extension Master you have yard & garden questions we have experts standing by:
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