She Thought Her Dog Had Bug Bites – Then She Realized The Scary Truth.

You Parasites are a common problem for pets. So this dog owner wasn’t overly concerned about the marks on her canine companion however The more she looked at the punctures the more she noticed that there was something unusual about them then suddenly she realized what they were and She had to act fast The woman in question was Hayden Howard a 24 year old mother who lives in Seymour, Indiana? She and her son Noah share their home with Jackson an English Mastiff puppy and one Saturday night in April Howard noticed something unusual about her dog Mind you it wasn’t that Jackson was acting differently indeed If anything there was no change in his behavior But after spending some time in their enclosed yard Howard saw that the dog seemed to be covered in something at first though She thought little of it He had some marks on him and we thought they were bug bites Howard told Fox News in April And since Jackson was apparently unconcerned by the marks. Naturally. His family didn’t worry either Nevertheless Howard decided to keep an eye on the family dog Subsequently over the weekend that followed.

She became more worried about Jackson’s bug bites It was then that she took a closer look at the marks and realized they weren’t bites at all indeed Jackson’s fur was hiding something far worse on Saturday night I started noticing holes on him Howard explained to Fox News and although she didn’t know what could have caused them. It was clear that the punctures needed attention As a result Jackson was taken to the veterinarian the following Monday The dog was seen at the Seymour Animal Hospital by dr Steve Sunbury who revealed what the marks were the veterinarian must certainly have been troubled when he discovered the truth But not as troubled as Howard. In fact, the holes were not bug bites, but rather evidence of sadistic animal cruelty The punctures that peppered poor Jackson were wounds made by a BP gun I was completely shocked that they were pulling bb’s and pellets out of my dog howard told Whas xi in april, but the only explanation was that someone had been? intentionally targeting accent Although BB guns are not as powerful as regular firearms.

They can still be very dangerous The weapons are powered by air canisters and use compressed gas or air to fire small metal projectiles Moreover in the wrong hands they can cause some serious harm The risk of severe injury furthermore increases with the projectiles velocity within a specific range Each projectile can damage bone or even inflict enough damage to kill and as Howard looked on dr Sunbury was pulling more and more metal objects out of Jackson in Fact a total of 21 BB projectiles and seven metal pellets were removed from Jackson’s body that day All told the dog was suffering in excess of 50 wounds. I was in shock. I didn’t even know what to think Howard told Fox News There was one under his eyelid.

There was one in his ear one in his knee She continued they were all over and underneath in him the vet came out there and showed me all these little bb’s I just didn’t know what to say or what to do Understandably disturbed by the attack Howard contacted these Seymour Police Department moreover The authorities were shocked by the level of cruelty on display and went to the Howard yard to investigate it Was there that they discovered evidence of the vicious attack? Police officers searching the property found a number of fired BB projectiles wedged in one of the yards trees and Not only could these help the department to find the potential perpetrator or perpetrators? But they also revealed something else the pellets allowed officers to estimate the number of shots that had been aimed at Jackson There were 20-some pulled out of him and 20 some that were probably still in him Howard told Fox News and then another 20 some that probably hit him and bounced off there were probably over 60 Some that actually were shot at him furthermore the pellets and that tree also indicated the direction that the shots were fired from and the police followed the trajectory to Howard’s next-door neighbor it was enough evidence to get them a warrant to search the property and sure enough.

They found something Well to be more precise they found a lot of things The SPD uncovered physical evidence that could be related to the shooting but it’s remained confidential At any rate two guns a BB and a pellet gun were found in a man’s possession while he was also arrested for another offense CJ Foster Detective Sergeant of the SPD told Fox News additionally officers and detectives Located methamphetamine marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The neighbor who has been named as Tim Woodward was taken into custody Although no animal cruelty charges have been proven as yet Police are however hopeful that forensic evidence will lead them to discover the truth behind the shooting Meanwhile Howard is baffled as to why anyone would hurt Jackson.

He’s a big baby He’s shy she told W DRB in April, but other than that is a lovable dog. He loves my son Noah at the time of writing a five hundred dollar reward was being offered for information leading to charges relating to the attack and Well, the investigation is still underway Sunbury said that Jackson wasn’t suffering anymore the most important thing Is that after a course of pain medication and antibiotics? The dog is now set to make a complete recovery You You .

She Thought Her Dog Had Bug Bites – Then She Realized The Scary Family Member
Whether they’re puppies or fully grown, we tend to look at our dogs as We love them, care for them, and feed But sadly, we can’t keep an eye on them every minute of every hour, so they can get hurt while they’re out and Sometimes the injuries are minor like a bug bite here a tiny scratch there, but other times, the injury is more serious as one Indiana woman Howard family from Seymour, Indiana consists of 24-year-old Hayden, his son, Noah, and Jackson, an English Jackson isn’t just a He’s a part of the Howard Like most dogs, he loves to play in the yard and spend time with his human But one day, on April 2017, something unbelievable occurred to Hayden and Noah’s beloved English suscribed, Stay connected & stay subscribe to our channel here: more videos copyright matters please contact us at: Audio by Scott Leffler — Our Website facebook page And Twitter :
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